Story Of My Life (MUST READ)

It was at midnight when the contractions began. At first they were mild, and 30 minutes apart…I would just wake up to some twinges in my belly…at first I thought Sondra(my unborn child) was just acting up again since I had had two false ‘labours’ already…so I paid no attention to her. At four a.m the contractions were getting closer and closer and more intense; so I woke my husband Dayo…he’s a sleepyhead, that one.

”wuzzgoinon” he asked groggily

”I think I’m having the baby”

He was up and by my side of the bed like a flash of lightening, the contractions were now three minutes apart and the last one still had me clutching at the bedspreads and gritting my teeth till my jaw ached…

And then my water broke.

Till this very day, I wonder how Dayo got me to the hospital, no scratch that, I don’t. I wonder how he carried me the inflated human into the car.

Not to digress from the point, there were two expectant mothers in the labor room that night. There were two obstetricians there as well. There were two sets of nurses; there were two beds and two sets of sets of medical equipment, and two scared husbands helping their wives with their breathing.

And there were two pairs of screaming lungs that rent the air 9 hours later as two umbilical cords were cut.

But they never knew………



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