Why You Should Never Masturbat€


Masturbat!on is mostly performed by men and a little
percentage of women also masturbat€. This discussion
will be based on the medical,physical and mental point
of view

1. It makes the penis or dick to get weak when been
used in the body of a woman.

2. It can lead to serious mental side effects as it may
cause dependence.

3. It is a serious sin in the holy bible.

4. It makes a penis to develop too many veins thereby
making it unattractive.

5. It causes infections in females.

6. It weaken the hormone responsible in producing

7. It makes you feel guilty.

8. It makes a man moan,suffer and starve for real sex
during the period of masturbating.

9. It causes infection in females.

10.It reduces the period of ejaculation in men.

11. It can become addictive

12. It weakens the womb in females—thereby making
womb unable to carry a child which leads to
miscarriages most of the time.

13.It sometimes causes infertility in women.

14.Excessive masturbat!on may lead to premature
ejaculation in men, in other words the male ejaculates
just after the sexual intercourse has begun or, in some
instances, before it has even begun.

15.It causes cancer in women.

16. It can make a woman lose her virginity.

17.In fewer cases, It can cause sperm disability which
leads to abnormal children.

With this few points I have made, I will take it that
masturbat!on causes harm to a human body. So it should
be strictly avoided except if only to be used for medical


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