Impeachment: Deputy gov, others block Ekiti Assembly entrances


Members of the Peoples Democratic Party in Ekiti State on
Monday blocked the two major roads leading to the state
House of Assembly following rumours that 19 All
Progressives Congress lawmakers were planning to hold a
sitting to impeach Governor Ayodele Fayose.

The party loyalists were led by the Deputy Governor, Kolapo
Olusola; a former Speaker, Tunji Odeyemi; the Special
Assistant to the governor on Information, Lanre Ogunsuyi,
and Fayose’s Public Communications and New Media aide,
Lere Olayinka.

Although nine Toyota Hilux vans carrying men and officers of
the Police and the Department of State Services manned the
main entrances to the Assembly, the PDP members erected
canopies about 200 metres away from the Assemby’s

Some of them sat quietly under the canopies erected by the
Secretariat Road while others danced to music supplied in
front of the old complex.

A bus was used by the PDP members to prevent movement
into the Assembly premises from the same road.
On Iyin Road, many of the party supporters also ensured that
no one was allowed into the complex.

The APC lawmakers, who had since November 17 stayed
away from the House proceedings, had served Fayose with an
impeachment notice. They cited impunity, brigandage,
stalking and other constitutional breaches by Fayose as
reasons for the impeachment notice.

But Ogunsuyi told journalists on Monday that the APC
lawmakers led by the Speaker, . Adewale Omirin, erred in
law by sending a notice of impeachment to Fayose.
He added that Omirin could not claim to be the Speaker while
still challenging his own impeachment in the court.


The governor’s information aide said, “The new Nigeria
which President Goodluck Jonathan and Maj. Gen.
Muhammadu Buhari (retd.) all campaigned for is the one that
would respect the rule of law. With this convergence, you can
see that the people are standing by their governor. They are
ready to defend their mandate.

“Nobody asked Omirin and other APC lawmakers not to come
to the Assembly; they only decided to abdicate their duties
since November 17, 2014. Impeachment procedure does not
start and end with the Assembly alone. The Judiciary is
involved; so their action or plan is highly condemnable.

“We want to emphasise that they are welcome as long as
they are concerned about making laws for the progress of the
state; but if it is meant to come and impeach Governor
Fayose, we won’t allow that.”

Ogunsuyi, however said the governor, as the leader of the
state, would continue to extend the olive branch to the

He said, “We don’t want any unwholesome issue because the
task of developing Ekiti is an onerous task that needs to be
pursued with vigour. The governor doesn’t want any
distraction and that is why he has been pursuing peace at all

“We want some measure of decorum in Ekiti. We are not
proud of the era whereby we had three governors within a
week. We want a stable government and that we will continue
to pursue for Ekiti to be at peace.”

Odeyemi advised the APC lawmakers to sheathe their swords
and allow peace to reign by putting the interest of the state
above theirs.

He said,”The entire issue calls for concerns. As a former
legislator, I am quite aware of the rudiment of impeachment
process, but far from this, the issue of the news any
impeachment will bring to Ekiti’s credibility is uppermost in
my mind.

“How would they perceive Ekiti as a people nationwide? So, I
am calling on my colleagues to have a rethink because we
are duty bound to contribute to the development of this state.
I plead with them to embrace reconciliation and forget about
heating up the polity unnecessarily.”

Olayinka said he received a call from an unknown person
on Monday who claimed to be an official of the DSS .
Olayinka added that the caller whom he described as an
impersonator, said his office received a report that he was
inciting people of the state to violence with the state-owned

He said, “I received a call today (Monday) from a number,
08141602777, claiming that it was from the DSS
headquarters in Abuja. I was told that a report was made in
the DSS office that I was inciting Ekiti people to violence with
the Ekiti Radio. ”

According to him, the general manager of the Progress FM,
Ado Ekiti, also received a similar message from same

The aide stated that he later contacted the DSS office in Ado
Ekiti to verify the claim and identify the caller but was told to
disregard the call.

However, the APC lawmakers, in a statement said Fayose
was compounding his problems by inciting people,who they
called thugs, against the Assembly.
They advised him to note that violence would not solve the
burden of constitutional breaches that he had placed on

The lawmakers, in the statement by Omirin’s Special Adviser
on Media, Wole Olujobi, wondered why a governor that had
questions to answer would get involved in other unlawful
conduct such as the invasion of the Assembly by thugs.

The statement read in part, “It is shocking that the governor
would start any act of illegality bordering on public disorder
when he is having a load of illegal acts on his head upon
which he is facing removal from office.

“Ekiti people were shocked when news spread that the
governor had asked his thugs to invade the Assembly and
occupy the place to prevent the lawmakers from performing
their legal duties.

“These PDP members were holding their meeting in their
secretariat when instruction reached them that they must
relocate to the Assembly premises where thugs were beating
passersby and molesting motorists and residents. All these
illegal acts cannot save the governor.

“This is the way a court in the state was invaded by thugs
who beat up the judges. They tore court records in the Chief
Judge’s office and beat up his secretary.

“Now is the turn of the House of Assembly. What the governor
is doing is a confirmation that he does not believe and cannot
tolerate democratic practice. But democracy is what Ekiti
people want and so we expect people of conscience and good
will to support the efforts to allow Ekiti people enjoy
democratic governance.”

The lawmakers advised the governor to defend the allegations
against him in the impeachment notice instead of resorting to
self-help that offered nothing but unnecessary venting of
anger on the peaceful people of Ekiti State.

They also confirmed in the statement that the security details
of the Speaker had been restored by the Police and the DSS.

Jonathan didn’t ask me to resign

Meanwhile, Fayose has debunked a rumour that he had
been advised by President Goodluck Jonathan to resign.
He also denied receiving impeachment notice from the 19
APC lawmakers who accused him of committing eight
impeachable offences.

Fayose stated these on Monday during a media chat, Meet
Your Governor, monitored in Ado Ekiti.

He boasted that nobody could remove him from office
because he was holding a mandate given to him by the
people of the state. He added that before anybody could
remove him, such individual would have to remove God first
and the people of Ekiti State.

Responding to questions from viewers on the blockage of
roads leading to the Assembly complex , the governor said all
the attacks on him were because of his support for President
Goodluck Jonathan .

He said, “I don’t know of any invasion; I don’t know of any
threat to the House of Assembly and I am not aware of any
impeachment process. I am aware the House is on recess
and Omirin is in court challenging his impeachment in Lagos
and Abuja.”

“They claimed to have served me on Easter Day, can you
imagine that? Who did they serve and who received it (the
impeachment notice)?

“The enemies of Ekiti people are at work again. I left in 2006,
eight years ago and God in his infinite mercy brought me
back the same day and the same month that I was removed.

“They are waging war against my people, those who voted me
in; nobody has served (impeachment notice). I read it on the
Internet the same way you read it on the Internet.”

Fayose said he had no regret supporting and campaigning for

“Because Buhari won an election, they are waging war
against me. When I won election, that was the same thing
they did. They are not doing it for the love of Ekiti people but
for their personal interest.

“Omirin wanted to become Acting Governor but the Bible says
who art thou oh mountain before Zerubbabel, thou shall be
removed. They employed every trick to frustrate my
inauguration but they failed. I know hey will fail again.

“If you will remove me, you will have to remove God first who
put me there. You can’t unseat God; nobody can unseat me.
No matter their number, they can’t remove me.’’

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