Man Arrested In Lagos For Killing Student Over Girlfriend [See Photo]

A 38 year old car wash attendant Monday Ekwekuba, an indigene of Imo
State, has been arrested by the Lagos state Police command for killing
26-year-old student Wisdom Okafor pictured above in the Ojokoro area of Lagos State following a disagreement over the victim’s closeness to
his girlfriend.

Punch reports that the suspect Ekwekuba had visited his girlfriend on
March 22nd and met Wisdom in her house.

He accused the deceased of
having an affair with his girlfriend and out of anger, picked up a stick
and smashed it on Wisdom’s head who took to his heels but
unfortunately ran into a moving vehicle where he was crushed to death.

According to Daniel, the victim’s younger brother, he said his brother
became friends with the lady in question after he mistakenly dialed her

He said they were never dating
“It was after he mistakenly dialled her phone number and they spoke that
she invited him to her apartment and that was how they met.

He later saw her in a nylon company where he was working to raise
money for his exams.

She was also working there. She was older than my brother and there was
no way they could be dating,” he said.

Also speaking on the incident, his elder brother, Celestine said “On Sunday, March 22, around 10.30pm, the police came with a lady to my house and asked for my brother.

They said he was involved in a fight and had injured a man named
Monday (Ekwekuba), who had been hospitalized.

I told them my brother went out to see a friend and had yet to return to
the house. They said they would arrest me until I was able to produce my

I was detained and later they asked me to pay N10, 000 for Monday’s
treatment, which I did.

They then asked how I would produce my brother, and I decided to call him in their presence.

His phone started ringing in the pocket of one of the policemen.

The officer said the phone belonged to the man in the hospital, who had just died.”

Police reports say the girl in question later confessed that her boyfriend pursued the victim to his death. The suspect went into hiding after the
incident but was later arrested.

Celestine has made a plea to the police to release his brother’s body for burial
“Our mother is late and our father is in the village in Enugu. He is sick, and I cannot inform him of the death of our brother because I don’t know what can happen to him.

My job has been at a standstill and they should please release the corpse to us so I can go and bury him and move on” he said.

The police however say they would release his body after they receive
the autopsy result on his corpse.

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