Abia Youths Protest Election Results [photo]

A group of youths from various local government areas
in Abia State have on Monday, March 30, 2015 stormed
the state Independent National Electoral Commission,
INEC office with different placards expressing their
grievances with the results of the just concluded general

The police officials in the state blocked the road leading
to the INEC office, while the protesters on their part
blocked a section of the road leading to the state
secretariat and the INEC office.

The protesters alleged that the presidential and the
National Assembly elections were full of manipulation
and rigging.

The protesters demanded that the result be cancelled as
it does not represent the general will of the electorates,
adding that there was no election in some centres where
results were declared.

One of the protesters said, “How can somebody lose
elections in all the wards and polling units in his
constituency and end up winning at the INEC office?”

The leader of the group, Nwaji Silvanus, said, “There was
no election on Saturday in various parts of the state.
Cases of ballot boxes snatched and thumb printed were
discovered, yet, INEC accepted the result.

“The result sheets were doctored and totally different
from what they recorded from the fields. The people
know who they voted for and they have come to express
their displeasure at the subversion of the will of the

One of the protesters, who gave his name as Emmanuel
Uzo said, “The result as it stands currently does not
represent the wish of the people.

“We will not accept the results. They did not reflect our

Also speaking was an elderly man, Kingsley Eboh, also
claimed that results were announced from his polling
unit even though there was no election at the unit as the
INEC officials fled following an attack.

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