Why You Don’t See Me In Many Movies Now – Ramsey Noah

The seasoned actor Ramsey Noah Jnr has been relatively scarce on the movie scene and in a recent interview with “CNN voices” he explains the reason for this absence.

According to the Daily Times, Ramsey Noah said the reason why he has been scarce in movies is because he is “spearheading the new Nollywood”.

He says he no longer wants to be doing “cheap movies” that people could already tell the end from the beginning; “I am spearheading the “New Nollywood,” so it’s more of getting a good production out and getting a good production out is quite capital intensive.

“You need investors and you need to explain to the investors and let them know what they’re going to benefit if they do get involved. So it’s a long thing, unlike how we just used to do cheap movies and it was like quick people could actually tell most of our stories from the beginning, they could tell the end already.

“I want that to change, hence I don’t do too many of them movies anymore, but the cinema movies are now coming out and when that starts to come out then it would give room to people getting more from the movies.”

He also said would we be seeing him with his popular onscreen lover, Genevieve Nnaji, who he starred with in various romantic movies including Power of Love, Cross, Camouflage, Butterfly, Break Up, Fugitive and Honey, among others.

To that he said; “Yes, yes my pair, my partner — of course, I will, some time hopefully soon, we’re looking forward to working on another very good blockbuster sometime in the future”.

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