Buhari Should Tell Nigerians What He Forgot In Aso Rock – Patience Jonathan

Wife of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP,
presidential candidate, President Goodluck
Jonathan, Mrs.Dame Jonathan, Monday, warned
voters in Enugu State to be prepared to spend
time in prison should they vote the All
Progressives Congress, APC, presidential
candidate, Gen. Muhammed Buhari,retd in the
March 28 presidential election.

Mrs. Jonathan who arrived at the Okpara Square,
Enugu, venue of the women rally to woo voters
for her husband from Onitsha, Anambra State at
about 3.15PM lashed out to Buhari noting that his
administration built more prisons than schools
in the name of fight against corruption.

She told the impressive crowd that Jonathan’s
administration has recorded remarkable
milestone in its fight to reduce maternal child
death in the country even as she mentioned late
Biafran warlord, Chief Ikema Odumegwu Ojukwu,
Chief Jim Nwobodo, former governor old Anambra State and Chief Sam Mbakwe as those
who got Buhari’s rough end of the stick in prison
as head of state.

According to Mrs. Jonathan: “The change that is
APC’s mantra is for bus conductors and drivers.

That is why they keep changing there name each
time they fail elections. This time in 2015, they
will change there name from APC to Ebola
because they are dead.

“That is why there members are decamping. As
you can see in Rivers State. Governor Amaechi’s
deputy dumped APC for PDP. Everybody will leave the party because its a party built on
propaganda, lies and deceit.

“Buhari who is as old as Jonathan’s father
should tell us what he forgot in Aso-Rock. During
Buhari’s era, he said women should be confined in the kitchen.

But under Jonathan’s administration,women has
been liberated to contribute to national

On Agriculture, the first lady revealed that Jonathan’s administration has built 10 sillows
nationwide which Enugu State has benefited from.

She said,”Jonathan has introduced ‘e-wallet’
system for the distribution of fertilisers.

Our women are now moving into farming with
the ease of getting fertilizers.

27 schools has been built across the country
where women and youths can acquire skills.

“This administration has initiated the ‘You Win’
programme which is under SURE-P where women
and youths are given grants and loans to establish their own businesses.

All these lofty projects are what i guarantee you
as a mother this administration will continue to
improve upon if re-elected.

“Buhari abolished the office of first lady during
his time. You should not allow our people to go
back to the analogue age. We are in a digital era.

Buhari is too old. He should allow the youths to lead.”

In his remark,the Deputy Senate President,Ike
Ekweremadu urged the audience to demonstrate
their love and support by voting Jonathan in the presidential election.

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