This is my last job in football, says United’s Van Gaal

Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal will retire from football when he leaves his job at Old Trafford, he was quoted as saying by The Daily Telegraph on Thursday.

“This is my last job. For sure,” he said in an interview published on the newspaper’s website.

“I have to pay attention to my kids, my grandchildren but also to my wife. They deserve it. Now I cannot pay that attention.”

The 63-year-old, whose United contract runs until 2017, has managed some of the world’s top teams including Ajax Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Bayern Munich as well as guiding the Netherlands to the World Cup semi-finals in Brazil.

“It is an honour and a challenge to be coach of United because I was trainer-coach of No. 1 (team) in the Netherlands, No. 1 in Spain and No. 1 in Germany,” he said.

“I had a choice to be manager of different clubs (like Tottenham Hotspur). I have chosen the No 1. I am very proud. I don’t think there are many other coaches who can say that.”

Van Gaal said he had always goals.

“Everything that I’ve reached I’ve set in advance – that I go to the Premier League for example,” he added.

“I said it a year before (the World Cup) to my federation, and everybody was ‘aghhh, it is not possible’. I said: ‘I go after the championships’. One experience in the world championship is, for me, enough.”

Regarding retirement, Van Gaal added: “My wife (Truus) wants to quit now already! Five years ago! I’m not married to my job.

“Of course, I am 24 hours a manager, but I am also 24 hours a father of my children, grandfather of my grandchildren and I am always 24 hours lover of my wife. I am married to my profession, more than with her. I see my PA more than my wife.

“I have a paradise in Portugal. I want to quit to go there, play golf, eat fantastic food. There are very good wines in Portugal. There is the beach, the very beautiful weather.”

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