Read Main REASON Why PDP Is Still Afraid Of Card Reader

Hon Abayomi Abdul-Kabir Ayeola is a member of the House of Representatives representing Ibeju-Lekki Federal Constituency on the platform of the All Progressive Congress,APC. In this interview, he expresses assurance that his party will win the presidency. He also speaks on issues relating to the forthcoming elections among other things.

PDP members have accused your party of defacing their billboards and posters?


It’s all lies. They are the one defacing our posters particularly in Ibeju-Lekki constituency 11, they destroyed my posters but I instructed my people not to touch theirs.

What is your reaction on the use of the card reader?

The card reader machine is the best that can happen to this country. It is only those who are afraid of the elections that are kicking against it. This is an era where individual vote must count. We are advocates of the card readers. Instead of the ruling party to be advocating for card reader, they are kicking against it.

Let it be on record that PDP has not won any election on merit in this country. It is always through rigging and now they can no longer continue their deeds.

I am happy that INEC came up with such technology. The day the card reader was tested, I listened to commentary all over the country and I was impressed. The minimum period that an individual spent was 10 seconds which means that six people will vote in one minute.

But, this same card reader does not recognize thumbprint of some individuals?

The secret of that is that there are some elements in some individual’s body, such that, it will be difficult for the card reader to detect the thumb. But, those are exceptional cases, it might be one out of 10 people. It is an individual problem not machine fault.

There are also worrisome expression that people might be disenfranchised if they are unable to get their PVCs as there are allegations that INEC officers are no longer coming to the centres?

That is totally untrue. Originally, there was a stipulated period for accessing these PVCs and some people have collected theirs.

Although, some data that were wrongly captured, while some persons might have traveled abroad, some might have died and some students might have relocated to their states, all these are genuine cases.

While, some persons decided not to collect their PVCs at the time it was slated.

But, I am optimistic that people will get their PVCs before the elections date. But, for those who genuinely will not get theirs, I am sure INEC would work out modalities. Don’t forget that there was multiple registrations during the first registration exercise, now that is no longer an issue.

Yearnings of Nigerians

PDP are only putting up propaganda not to allow elections hold because it is glaring that they have lost the elections. They are going to loss because they have not satisfied the yearnings of Nigerians.

Why is the chamber of the House of Representatives almost always rowdy?

Before now, some people were imposing their ideology on others because PDP was dominating the House, today, APC is in the majority.

The recent uproar in the House was due to the fact that the matured speaker, Rt. Hon. Aminu Tambuwal was not on seat and by the constitution, his deputy took over. The motion that day was that the card reader must be used. But because of the game plan of PDP. They kicked against it. The Deputy Speaker also insulted the minority leader and we walked out on him.


But, we came in immediately. There are many ways to tender one’s grievances. We are not Jesus Christ who will turn his other ear to be slapped. We were provoked and we cannot pretend.


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