Muslim turned Christian gospel artiste: ‘How Pastor Adeboye anointed me to sing’

According to Vanguard, Deaconess Peace
Olanike Adeleke, was born into a devoted Muslim family in Oke Olu-Okun
compound in Oke-Odo Ibadan, Oyo State, a graduate of Banking and Finance from
the Lagos State University grew up with a Muslim
background, but was being guided by divine revelations
which at the time had no meaning to her. In this interview
she speaks on her music ministry, the challenges and her
newly launched album tagged: ‘Ark of God’. Excerpts;

What is your take on gospel music in Nigeria?

If I am to talk about gospel music in Nigeria, I will say ‘God
have mercy’, although I don’t like to criticize people, but out
there, we still have some people that God called in the spirit
and the truth, making waves. The gospel singers of these
days are putting ‘this and that’ in it, but even at that, if
everything is done in the way of the Lord, no one will
complain. I don’t want to criticize, but I will advise all to do
things right.

Does one need to be led by God to do gospel music?

The Bible made us to understand that if God doesn’t call
you and you just put yourself into it, the end might be
funny. It is just like a pastor who isn’t called by God. The
end of that pastor is destruction. Gospel music is like
pastoral calling, because you are not ministering to
yourself, but to the people. Even though you don’t have a
call and you desire to work for God, there are a lot of things
you can do to prepare yourself spiritually.

How did you start your music career

I am from a very strong Muslim background and as a child, I
wrote and sang a lot. Everyone thought singing was my
hobby, we never knew it was going to be a career. When I
was older, I heard a voice, saying; ‘sing for me’, ‘sing for me’.
Then I used to stay with my sister who introduced me to
Christianity. I told her different revelations, which I couldn’t
understand myself. My sister shared those revelations with
her pastor(s) who told her that I was having a call and that
she should lead me to God. That was how I started going to
In year 2000, I had a revelation, I saw Pastor E. A. Adeboye,
who I have never seen face-to-face. He anointed me and
said “God has called you to sing His praise to the living and
not to the dead”. I told my sister and she blessed God for
His call upon me, but I never understood the calling, until I
joined the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG)’s

What are your challenges?

I had a serious health challenge. It got to a stage that I
couldn’t move around again. It became so serious that the
ministry was closed down for several years, but I bless God
that by April 2013, God brought me out of the grave. In June
2014, I lost my husband (late Arch. Favour Adeolu Adeleke)
after a 10-day illness, and it seemed as if the whole world
was about to crash. I lost my memory. I kept asking God,
why? And for 40 days, God was silent, because I was
murmuring. I realized my mistake and asked God for mercy.
After 40 days He came down with strong covenants upon
my life. I asked God to open up my destiny.
After 40 days prayer, I had a programme and earlier before
the programme, I made a vow to God that whatsoever was
placed in my hand as an offering will be given back to him. I
went to church to drop the huge package I got and prayed
that God should open up my ministry that had been shut
for eight years. Three days later, God opened up my
ministry and that was how the signs and wonders of God
began in my life.

Are you into the ministry because of money or fame?

No! I am not into gospel music to make money or for fame.
Actually everybody wants money, but the Bible says the love
of money is the root of all evil. I released an album during
our Shiloh programme for the blessing of humanity. In fact,
the numbers of CDs I gave out for free were more than the
ones I sold. I gave the CDs out not because I was expecting
anything from anyone, but because I’m expecting
testimonies from them, that is my life. I am not into gospel
music to make mone. Money is secondary, winning souls is
primar. I want this ministry to win souls for God.

What is the message behind your new album “Ark of God”?

The new album (Ark of God) is all about worshiping and
giving God all the praise and glory for our lives. The
message is about peace, deliverance, and supernatural

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