4 ways to improve communication in your relationship

The importance of communication in relationships cannot be
over-emphasized, because it is one of the keys to a fulfilled
and happy union.
Also, it is not possible to live with someone whom you cannot
talk with freely.

Here are some tips to help you improve on having a better

1. Put yourself in your partner’s shoes: Sometimes, it is
quite difficult to think from the other person’s point of
view, but it is the best way to understand your partner.
When you are frustrated with your partner, try to look at
the situation from his/her point of view. You will
understand the fact that your partner has a genuine
reason to be the way he or she is.

2. Be direct and upfront: Being up front is better than being
passive aggressive. However, direct communication
doesn’t mean hurting the other person with straight
forward remarks or criticism. Find the right words but be
honest enough in expressing your concerns.

3. Regular communication is important: It is very important
to communicate frequently with each other. When both
the partners are in a position to speak their hearts out
without any hesitation, things will flow better in the
relationship. If you are not able to talk openly, then it
means that you are not in love with your partner.

4. Know when to be quiet: Knowing when to be silent is
just as important as knowing when and how to talk in a
relationship. Certain situations demand silence. It is
better to be quiet than saying bad things and
aggravating the situation. This is one of the ways of
improving communication in your relationship.


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