Read Toyin Aimakhu’s Positive Message ForMarried Women

Married Nollywood actress, Toyin Aimakhu has
come out and shared a positive advice for her
female followers.

She came online today on her instagram page and
said: To all friends and fans, i’ll like to start these
piece by saying marriage is king in Africa.

When men cheats and abuse women we all come
out and scream, why is then wrong to sing their
praises when they treat us right?… a lot of marital
problems and issues are as a result of not
appreciating each other.

Mind you our choices differs, but nevertheless they
are our head and should be cater for and treated

When your man treats you right people will say
you’ve jazzed him, or that he is using you… with
such conclusions won’t your man be afraid of
treating you right? If u feel living with a man is bad
have you taken your time to think that some
female friends are worse!

Why do you have evil resentments against men?
Let’s stop discouraging young ladies out there
who are aspiring to be married let them know
there are two ways to life, it’s not only when
molested that we should come out and
speak….Let’s learn to see our men differently and
learn to appreciate them….. my name is Toyin
Aimakhu johnson… I love my husband he’s my
small god!!!


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